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Bobby Malayalam Movie Review



Bobby Malayalam Movie Review;
Bobby is one among the Malayalam Movie that has been released here today. This flick was directed and scripted by Shebi and produced by Sageer Hydrose and Suhra Hydrose under the banner named Suhra Entertainments. Actor Maniyan Pillai Raju’s son Niranj is playing the lead character in this movie. He had made his debut through the film named Black Butterfly a few years back. In this movie named Bobby, Miya George is playing the female lead. The trailer of this movie had got great attention from the audience.

The plot of this flick revolves around the life of a youngster named Bobby, who happened to fall in love with a lady who is elder than him. He is only 21 year old and the girl he marries is almost 7 years elder than him. The situations that led to this relationship and the events that happens later has been shown before us in a pleasant and funny manner.

We have to say that new comer Shebi had done a great job with his debut film. The plot was very interesting and it was written well too. Then it was presented through humor and it will make the people laugh their heart out at many points. The romance portion also written and presented beautifully. The situations in the plot has been presented before the audience in a convincing manner and some of the dialogues were hilarious as well. Situational comedies worked very well too. Director was in control till the very end and that itself made it a great entertainer without lag.

The performance from Niranj was just superb. He had performed like a seasoned actor and the energy came from him was amazing as well. His screen presence, natural way of emoting also helped the character and the movie a lot. He is here to stay for long and that is damn sure. Mia George had once again given a cool and matured performance and she looked very beautiful as usual as well. Other artists like SudheerKaramana, Aju Varghese, ShammiThilakan, KalasalaBabu, Hemanth, Niyaz, NishaSarang, Dharmajan, Noby, SajuNavodaya, Sunil Sugathaetc also done a great job in it.

Prashant Krishna was the DOP of this flick and the frames he provided were just beautiful. It was colorful and cool. The music was tuned by Rony Raphael and he too did a fine job by providing some songs which pleases the ears. BabuRathinam is the editor of this flick and he too did well with his sharp cuts and his cuts given a smooth flow to this movie.

In Total, Bobby is a superb romantic- comedy which will entertain you till the very last moment inside the cinema hall. It has got a fresh storyline and a novel way of presentation and everything about this movie will make you feel fresh.