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Clint Malayalam Movie Review



Clint Malayalam Movie Review Clint is one of the main releases that had graced the screens here in Kerala and it has been directed by Harikumar. This movie has been scripted by Harikumar and K V Mohankumar and it has been bankrolled by Gokulam Gopalan under the banner of Sree Gokulam Movies. Master Alok plays the title character of Clint in this movie and popular artists like Unni Mukundan and Rima Kallingal plays important characters in this flick as well. The songs from this movie had already become popular which was tuned by Music Maestro Ilaya Raja.

The plot of this movie revolves around the real life story of Edmund Thomas Clint, the child prodigy, who had died at the age of seven. He had left behind around 25,000 drawings and paintings. Master Alok plays the character of Clint and Unni Mukundan and Rima Kallingal plays the characters of his parents in this flick.

We have to say that director Harikumar had come up with a gem of a movie based on the life of one among the unsung heroes of Kerala. The screenplay had done total justice to the life story of Clint and they had made it in a very realistic manner as well. The events in his life told with such sincerity and simplicity that it will really touch the heart of the audience. They had done a very good in picking up the right artists to play the right characters as well and that too made the movie a great one.

The performance from Master Alok was terrific and he had just lived as Clint on screen. Lots of recognitions are on his way for his fabulous portrayal of this real life character. Unni Mukundan had delivered a really matured performance and it is one among the best in his career, we can say. Rima Kallingal also did a very fine job in it as the mother of Clint. Other artists like Salim Kumar, K P A C Lalitha, Joy Mathew, Renji Panicker, Vinay Forrt, and child artists Akshara, Rudra, Nakshatra, Drupath, Amith, and Amar etc also done a great job in this flick which had elevated its quality to another level.

DOP of this flick was Madhu Ambatt and his frames were just amazing. The way he set his frames to provide the realistic atmosphere to tell the story was really stunning. Music was tuned by the maestro Ilaya Raja and his songs and background scoring had created a magical effect on the movie and it enhanced the impact of the movie on the audience as well. The editing department was also great and it provided the flick smooth flow till last.

In Total, Clint is an amazing movie experience which cannot be missed. It is a must watch film and attribute to the hero we have to know about, Edmund Thomas Clint. It is one of the best movies based on real life character, ever made in Malayalam Cinema as well.