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Sarvopari Palakkaran Movie Review



Sarvopari Palakkaran Movie ReviewSarvopari Palakkaran is one among the Malayalam releases that had graced the screens here in Kerala today. This movie has been directed by Venu Gopan and written by TS Suresh Babu. Anoop Menon plays the male lead character in this movie and the female lead characters were played by Aparnna Balmurali and Anu Sithara. This flick has been produced by Dolly Aji Alappattukunnel under the banner named Rubigs Movies. The trailer of this flick has been got great attention from the movie lovers.

The plot of this movie revolves around the central characters played by Anoop Menon, Aparnna Balamurali and Anu Sithara. Anoop Menon is a Police Officer named Jose K Mani who is looking for a bride. Aparnna Balamurali plays a social activist girl named Anupama who takes part in kiss of love campaign. Anu Sithara’s character named Linta comes as the girl who is supposed to marry Anoop Menon’s character. Their lives crosses with each other at a particular juncture and from there the movie starts moving forward.

Venugopan had given us a fun filled and thrilling family entertainer. Suresh Babu’s screenplay are always known for thrilling elements and in this film he had added the fun element to it as well. Thus it become a screenplay in which all the ingredients for a complete entertainer is perfectly added. Venugopan had presented the plot very convincingly and in a very engaging manner as well. The use of artists and also the establishing of each and every characters showed the caliber of this director. He was in full control over the proceedings till the very end and that itself made the film a good one.

The performance from Anoop Menon as Jose K Mani was very energetic and brilliant. He once again portrayed his part with utmost naturality and that has been always the special feature of this actor. He was hilarious at many parts with his natural expressions and body language. Aparnna Balamurali is getting matured as an actress with each movies and she had done a great job as Anupama. Anu Sithara who proved her great talent through the film Ramante Eden Thottam this year had once again given a satisfying performance in this movie, as the character named Linta. Other artists like, Gayatri Arun, Balu Varghese, Nandhu, Alencier Ley Lopez, Vijaya Kumar, Chali Pala, Manju Satheesh, Roshen, Manuraj etc also played their part well in this flick.

The DOP of this flick was Alby and he had done a great as always with his cool frames. The music was tuned by Bijipal and his songs and background scoring once again kept its quality. Vinod Sukumaran had edited the flick and his cuts provided a good pace for the narration of this flick and made the movie technically sound.

In total, Sarvopari Palakkaran is a complete fun filled family entertainer which will make you laugh and thrill at the same time. It is a Paisa Vasool entertainer which will never disappoint you if you love fun films.