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Guy Caught taking pics of woman’s tattoo gets what he deserves



Guy Caught taking pics of woman’s tattoo gets what he deservesAs the young ladies took the man to Howrah GRPF , they gave them the choices of either holding up a FIR or giving over the case to GRPF. In any case, not before they attempted to prevent the young ladies from considering the issue important in light of the fact that they were ‘from great families’. As much as we claim to be a dynamic parcel, in all actuality even today ladies get themselves regularly helpless and perilous, particularly out in the open spaces. While the ‘ethical police’ among us would rush to hop up and say that “ladies shouldn’t travel alone” or “ladies shouldn’t go out oblivious”, late episodes will indicate how these contentions have no esteem.

It was just some time back that a young lady from Mumbai shared the grim episode of a man stroking off at her in the neighborhood prepare via web-based networking media. Presently, it is several young ladies’ video of a person clicking their photos on Kolkata’s Howrah-Malda Intercity Express that is circulating around the web. Satarupa Chakraborty, one of the young ladies on the nearby prepare, took to Facebook to share the episode and how they courageously stood up to him. This is the post, which likewise contains the video. chinhito korun! Ebong upojokto bebostha grohon korun..Ei bhodroloker naam Pintu Mondal, ini Malda Intercity Express er daily passenger ebong peshay railway er kormi.. Protidin er jatayat e enar time pass hoy lukiye nijer smartphone er camerae mohilader chobi ebong video record kore.. Aj ini dhora porlen! Ottyonto dokhyotar sathei amar comrade Ditsar chobi ar video record korchilen.. Proman soho dhora porar por prothome oswikar korlen, tarpor beer biplobir moto habbhab dekhie bollen nie cholo police er kache! Ar bollen "I'm not guilty for whatever I've done!" Karon lukiye karor permission chara tar chobi tola kono oporadh e noy..Ki bolen? Seshe counter korte bollen amar bandhobir tattoo ti onar ato bhalo legeche – je setar chobi amon ki video tulte icche hoy onar, taai aar ki!Akhon enar obosthan Howrah GRPS er jail er modhye.. Updates will be shared soon!

Gepostet von Satarupa Chakraborty am Freitag, 28. Juli 2017