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Gold Coins Movie Review



Gold Coins Movie Review

Gold Coins is the latest Malayalam Movie which released on last Friday in Kerala. It was written and directed by Pramod Gopal and produced by Amar Ramachandran under the banner named Neni Entertainment. Sunny Wayne, Master Vasudev, Master Gopal, Meera Nandan, Tessa etc played the lead characters in this movie which can be called as a Children’s Film.

The plot of the film revolves around the characters played by Master Vasudev, Master Gopal, Sunny Wayne, Meera Nandan, Tessa etc and it showcases the clash between the naughtiness of childhood and the hypocrisy of the modern urban lifestyle. Master Vasudev and Gopal plays the brothers Kichu and Achu.

The director had become successful in giving us a feel good quality entertainer. The screenplay was pleasant and the story was told in a way that everyone inside the cinema hall will feel its positive vibe. It is one among the best children’s films which came here in recent times and it has every element to make the audience glued to their seats till the very end. The director tells how children should live their lives through the characters of Achu and Kichu. Each and every character in the plot has their identity and the screenplay had given them the scope to perform as well.

The performance from Master Vasudev and Master Gopal has been great as they gave an energetic and natural performance in it as Kichu and Achu. Sunny Wayne’s character was unique and he once again delivered it quite easily. Meera Nnadan and Tessa too made their characters very good and other artists like Saju NavodayaJoy Mathew, Hemanth Menon, Sudhi KoppaAnil Nedumangad etc also done their part satisfactorily.The DOP of this flick was Manju Lal and he had provided the right atmosphere to tell the story with his beautiful frames. Music was tuned by Ouseppachan and it had really blended well with the plot of the movie. Sandheep Nandakumar is the one who edited the flick and he too did a fine job by creating a smooth flow to the narration through his cuts.

In Total, Gold Coins is a quality entertainer which will be a happy experience for you as a film lover. It will never disappoint you and it worth a watch for sure.