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Adventures of Omana Kuttan Review



Adventures of Omana Kuttan Review 

The Malayalam release that had hit the screen today was Adventures of Omanakuttan, directed by a debutant named Rohit VS. The story is also written by the director and the screenplay and dialogues were written by Sameer Abdul. This flick has been produced by Antony Binoy under the banner of Four M Entertainments. Young Star Asif Ali and popular actress Bhavana playing the lead characters in this fun filled entertainer. This movie started filming long time back and the shoot was delayed later due to technical reasons. That is why it is coming here as a late release.

The plot of this revolves around the characters named Omanakuttan and Pallavi played by Asif Ali and Bhavana.Omanakuttan is an introvert who doesn’t really know how to manage things in public. Then he happens to meet Pallavi who is entirely the opposite of his nature. The flick tells us about the amusing events that happens in the life of OmanaKuttan after he meets Pallavi and there are some fantasy elements in the plot as well.

Rohit VS, this newcomer had made an impressive debut by giving a fun filled entertainer which keep the audience engaged in the movie till the very end. The screenplay from Sameer Abdul was a decent one with some hilarious situations and events. The dialogues too were intended to create laugh. Rohit had presented it well without much complexity and his craft as a director was evident when we look at the way in which he established the characters and the situations in the plot. The movie is technically very sound as well. The fantasy element in the plot had given a freshness to the movie and that was instrumental in making the movie a different one from the rest.

The performance from Asif Ali- Bhavana pair was the highlight of this flick. It was energetic, cool and hilarious as well. Both of them had complimented each other very well and their onscreen chemistry worked out really well in this flick. Other artists like Aju Varghese, SaijuKurup, NedumudiVenu, SrindaAshab, S. P. Sreekumar, ShivajiGuruvayoor, Santhosh Keezhattoor, MridulSivakumaretc also played their characters very well and made the movie more hilarious with their performance.

The DOP of this flick was Akhil George and he had provided some nice frames for this flick. The music was tuned by two music directors and they are ArunMuraleedharan and Dawn Vincent. They did a decent job too in the flick. Dawn Vincent tuned background music and it was nice. The flick was edited by Livingston Mathew and he had made sure that the narration moved forward in a smooth pace.

In Total, Adventures of Omanakuttan is a very good fun filled entertainer which will make you relax inside the cinema halls. It is a different movie with some fresh elements in it and watch it for pure fun.