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Alia Bhatt needs to work with Prabhas.



Alia Bhatt needs to work with Prabhas.

Alia Bhatt who viewed Baahubali 2 took to Twitter and communicated her euphoria. She tweeted. ‘Require another word for this GIANT πŸ˜€ Rock-buster? :)’. After her tweet, two or three fans posed her questions about Baahubali and an intriguing inquiry from a fan was if Alia would collaborate with Prabhas. Answering to this Alia stated, ‘Without a doubt!’.

Prabhas is without a doubt the present heartthrob of India. All on-screen characters and executives need to work with him after his execution in Baahubali. Be that as it may, Prabhas and Alia in a current love show is a fascinating pair as well. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t? We wish this combine collaborates soon and engage the masses