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Aamir Khan Movie 3 Idiots got a Hollywood Remake.



Aamir Khan Movie 3 Idiots got a Hollywood Remake.

Aamir Khan, the biggest star in Bollywood is always creates new milestones in Indian Cinema and his movies always shows great quality. His films comes out once in two years and that usually breaks all existing box office records in India. His PK was the highest grosser in India and then came his film named Dangal which will cross the final gross of PK very soon, as it had got a record release and fabulous response in China few days back. Dangal will finish at the second place behind Bahubali 2 which had already grossed over 1000 crores from its worldwide run. Now, a stunning report is coming in that his record breaking movie named 3 Idiots, directed by Raj Kumar Hirani has been remade to Hollywood.

Usually, Hollywood movies were remade to Indian languages and it is very rare that an Indian movie gets a Hollywood remake. Now, this Aamir Khan movie based on the book of popular writer Chetan Bhagath is remade in Mexican language. The trailer of this remake has already been released as well. This remade version too is titled as 3 Idiots.Alphonso, Christian, German and Martha played the lead characters in this remade version and it will be released in Mexico in this coming June.