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Lakshyam Malayalam Movie Review



Lakshyam Malayalam Movie ReviewThe Malayalam Movie which graced the screens here in Kerala today was Lakshyam directed by a debutant named Anzar Khan and written by none other than master director Jeethu Joseph. Jeethu Joseph had turned producer as well through this movie as he had bankrolled this project in association with Joy Thomas Shakthikulangara and Teji Manalel under the banners named JT Films and Vintage Films. Biju Menon and Indrajith Sukumaran had played the lead roles in this thriller which has been inspired from a Tele film named Mukhamukham directed by Ansar Khan, some years back.

The plot of this movie revolves around two prisoners played by Biju Menon and Indrajith. These two convicts named Musthafa and Vimal are being transported from Peerumedu to Ernakulam. While they were travelling through a forest area, these two escapes from Police custody following an accident and there starts the plot moving forward with pace. Vimal is convicted for murder and Musthafa is a thief. Vimal has certain plans and he wants Musthafa to help him in proving his innocence.

Mollywood had got one more promising director with this movie as Ansar Khan had made an impressive debut through Lakshyam. Based on the tight and thrilling screenplay by master story teller Jeethu Joseph, Ansar Khan had given a superb thriller to the film lovers of Kerala. It was an edge of the seat thriller which will engage the audience till the very end and the story was presented with utmost conviction. The situations in the plot are gripping and it has great intensity as well which convinces the viewers about the emotional conflicts through which both the lead characters travels. It has many twists and turns which makes the audience curios about what will happen next and the way the director had presented those twists needs appreciation as well. The making was damn good and the interval twist was just terrific to say the least.

The performances from Biju Menon and Indrajith Sukumaran was superb as they both given a power packed solid performance as Musthafa and Vimal respectively. Both characters comes from two different extremes of life and these actors were successful in bringing the subtle body language that needed to convince the audience about the behaviour of the characters. Apart from these two, artists like Shivada, Kishore Sathya, Sudhi Koppa, Shammy Thilakan etc also done very well in this movie.The DOP of this flick was Sini Sidharth and he had done a terrific job with his visuals. Most part of this film was shot in the forest and the camera work has been exceptional in those parts. Background Music was tuned by Anil Johnson and he had once again done a superb job. Ayoob Khan is the one who provide the required pace for this thriller with his sharp and crisp cuts.

In Total, Lakshyam was an out and out thriller which will make you thrilled to the very last moment. It is a fantastically made movie which will never let you down and you can grab its tickets without any tension of losing your money.