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CIA Movie Review



CIA Movie ReviewCIA: Comrade in America is the latest big release that graced the screens here in Kerala today. It has been written by Shibin Francis, who had earlier wrote the story of Prithvi Raj starrer Pavada. Popular Film Maker Amal Neerad had produced and directed this movie and it has been distributed here by Anwar Rasheed. Dulquar Salman is playing the male lead in this romantic action thriller and a new face named Karthika Muraleedharan is playing the female lead in it. It is in fact the biggest release in Dulquar Salman’s career till now.

The plot of this movie revolves around the lead character named Aji Mathew played by Dulquar Salman, who is a Kottayam Pala native. He is a coummunist activist and he falls in love with a girl named Sara. Later she goes to US and the film shows Aji’s journey to US through an illegal way to meet his love there before her marriage.

We can say without any doubt that Amal Neerad had come up with something very different and fresh from his previous movie and he had succeeded in connecting it with the audience as well. Usually Amal Neerad gives us hardcore action movies and the only exception was Kullante Bharya, a segment from the anthology movie named 5 Sundarikal and also Iyyobinte Pusthaka to an extent, as it was a period film. But this film named CIA, is a romantic movie which also has some action and thrill in it. Shibin Francis had done a very good job as he had written a screenplay including all elements which the viewer want to see from a Dulquar Salman movie and at the same time he had provided the scope to Amal Neerad to let his creativity blossom as a director. Amal Neerad had presented the plot in a terrific manner in his signature style, where visuals speaks a lot than characters. But at the same time, created a lot of entertaining situations where dialogues play an important part as well.

Performance from Dulquar Salman was energetic and superb. He was cool as Aji Mathew and once again given an effortless performance, which is his quality as an actor. Karthika Muraleedharan had impressed with his first movie itself as she had given a matured and cute performance in it. She and Dulquar had complimented each other very well throughout this movie. Others like Siddique, Soubin Shahir, Dileesh Pothen, John Vijay, Chandni Sreedharan etc also done their part very well.

The DOP of this movie was Renadive and his visuals were just terrific. The visuals from Mexico and the way he captured the stunt sequences were too good. Music was tuned by Gopi Sundar and he had once again done a very good job. Background scoring was the highlight. Editing was done by Praveen Prabhakar and his cuts were sharp and crisp and the 2.14 length movie was never a boring affair.

In Total, CIA aka Comrade in America is a complete Entertainer with the magical touch of Amal Neerad in it. It will satisfy the fans of Dulquar Salman and also the film lovers who are looking for something different from Amal Neerad.