Sakhavu Movie Review


Sakhavu Movie ReviewThe Major release that had graced the screens here in Kerala was Nivin Pauly starrer movie named Sakhavu, which was written and directed by popular and critically acclaimed film maker and actor Sidharth Siva. This movie has been produced by B Rakesh under the banner of Universal Cinema and it was distributed here by Anto Joseph Film Company. The flick was a highly anticipated one because it is the first release of Nivin Pauly after his movie named Jacobinte Swarga Rajyam which had hit the screens in last year April. So he is coming with a movie after the gap of 1 year. Sidharth Siva’s previous movie was Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho which released last year.

The plot of this movie revolves around the character named Krishna Kumar and comrade Krishnan played by Nivin Pauly. Krishna Kumar is an ambitious young political leader who wants to attain power using crooked methods. He comes to meet some companions of an aged comrade named Krishnan one day and through them, he happens to know the life story of comrade Krishnan.Sidharth Siva once again succeeded in making a class entertainer and Sakhavu is a winner in all sense. First of all we have to say about its screenplay. It was so nicely written that the intensity and depth in it was just fabulous. They way in which Sidharth Siva connected each situations in the plot was superb. Then comes his craft as a director. The visual language he had created was as good as or may be better than the screenplay. It was realistic and at the same time entertaining. The dialogues were sharp, thoughtful and at times hilarious as well. He had given his all to this film and made it a movie that speaks to the heart of the audience.

Comrade Krishnan and Krishna Kumar are the best ever characters played by Nivin Pauly in his career and his performance was great too. He was very convincing as the characters and looked very natural as well. He had portrayed the intense as well swift parts of these characters very well on screen. Artists like Aishwarya Rajesh, Sreenivasan, Maniyan Pillai Raju, Gayathri Suresh, Aparnna Gopinath, Althaf , Sudheesh, Musthafa, etc also did a fine job in this movie by playing their character in a perfect manner.The DOP of this flick was George C Williams and the frames he provided for this movie was intense, realistic and at time cool as well. Prashant Pillai had tuned the music for this movie and once again he did a great job by giving music which blended really well with the atmosphere in this movie. The background scoring was just stunning which will fire up the spirit in young bloods.


In Total, Sakhavu is a well -made realistic as well as class entertainer which will be a different and new cinematic experience for you. This will show you the growth of Nivin Pauly as an actor and will never disappoint you for sure.