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Motta Siva Ketta Siva Movie Review



Motta Siva Ketta Siva Movie Review Motta Siva Ketta Siva starred by Raghava Lawrence is the movie which released here in Kerala today. It had graced around 120 screens here in Kerala and it was indeed the biggest release for a Raghava Lawrence movie here. This action thriller is directed and scripted by Sai Ramani and it was produced by RB Choudhary under the banner of Super Good Films. Nikki Galrani, Sathyaraj etc also playing important characters in this movie. This film is a remake of a Telugu Super Hit named Pataas which released in 2015.The plot of this movie revolves around the characters played by Raghava Lawrence and Sathayaraj. They both plays the character of Cops and the story tells about the ego clash between these two. Some Anti- Social people make use of this ego clash between the Police officers to their benefit and how these two cops, especially the character played by Raghava Lawrence handles these people makes the crux of the plot.

We can say that director Sai Ramani had succeeded in giving a mass masala entertainer which caters the lovers of mass entertainers. The film has everything in it in the right proportions to make the audience entertained till the very end. It has comedy, romance, action, songs, dance, thrill etc and the director had told the story in a grand manner as well. He had narrated it in a speedy manner and that also made the film very much enjoyable. There are lot of one liners and punch dialogues to create the mass effect and the action sequences were shot heavily as well.

The performance of Raghava Lawrence was as usual very energetic and Sathyaraj too given a great performance. His screen presence was great as well. Others like Nikki Galrani, Kovai Sarala, Satheesh, Ashuthosh Rana, Manobala, Charandeep, Jayaprakash etc also done well in it.The music scored by Amresh Ganesh was decent and it has lot of energy and specially made for dance moves from Raghava Lawrence. The DOP of this flick was Sarvesh Murari and his visuals were colorful and grand as well. Praveen KL edited the movie and his cuts were sharp and nice too.

In Total, Motta Siva Ketta Siva was a very good mass entertainer which will be a paisa vasool affair for you if you love these kind of entertainers. It has everything in it to keep you engaged till the end.