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Njanne Kandullu Malayalam Short Film



Njanne Kandullu Malayalam Short Film:Do we really see what we are supposed to see? Njanne kandullu is an introspection into those unseens and a reminder that such unseens are more than enough to decimate your intolerances!!! Watch share and subscribe 🙂
Story and Direction:Reghu Nair
Produced by:Borrowed cam Productions
Script:Mridul George
Director of Photography:Tobin Thomas
Associate Director of Photography:Jaison Jacob John
Edit & colouring:Christy Sebastian
Music:Sidhartha Pradeep
SFX and Mixing:Anoop Kammaran
Associate Director:Deepak S Jay
Production Controller:Anish Roy
Anu Abraham
Preash RV
Subith Babu
KK Babu
Renjith Kumar
Akhil Rana