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Shah Rukh Khan In and as Raees Hindi Movie Review



Shah Rukh Khan In and as Raees Hindi Movie Review

After waiting for months, Sharukh Khan starrer action thriller movie named Raees had hit the screens here on 25th January. This movie has been directed by Rahul Dholakia and written by Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi and Niraj Shukla. The movie which set in the period of 1980’sand 1990’s in Gujarat and it revolves around life of a character named Raees who was the chief of a liquor mafia in Gujarat at that time. This movie portrays how Raeez become a part of this mafia in his childhood and how he become one of the most feared and at the same time respected don in that era in Gujarat. It travels through his life and shows us the various struggles and achievements he had in his life.

We have to say that even though there is great scope in the plot to make it a superb action drama, the director’s effort to mix class and mass in it resulted in creating a mixed feeling among the viewers. It had started off well with showing the childhood of Raeez and how he slowly emerging as a big time player among the lords in the liquor business there. They had tried to present it realistically as well. But while moving forward in a smooth pace, they tried to include some mass and commercial elements just for fans and that does not really worked well or may be in other words, that did not gelled with the way they presented the story right from the start. It had made it just an ok affair and in the second half, this had made the flick a tedious watch as well. But it is not a bad film. It had something in it, something fresh which we cannot find in some recent flicks came from Sharukh Khan.

Sharukh Khan had given one of his best performance in his career as Raees and he was the one who provided all the energy to the movie and to the audience. His screen presence and dialogue delivery was superb and he remained the backbone till the very end. Navasudeen Siddique had rocked as SP Majumdar and at places he even overshadowed Sharukh Khan with his towering performance. Others like Mahira Khan, who played the wife character of Raeez and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub who played Sadique done a great job as well. Atul Kulkarni also done a very good job. Sunny Leone appeared with an item number and sizzled on the dance floor.

DOP from KU Mohanan was terrific but music from Ram Sampath was not up to the mark except the Background scoring. BGM was just superb. Deepa Bhatia’s editing could have been better as well as the film lagged at many parts.

In Total, Raees is a one-time watchable realistic action drama which will not disappoint you if you go to the cinema halls without the burden of expectations. Watch it for the performance of Sharukh and Navasudeen Siddique.