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Kaadu Pookkunna Neram Malayalam Movie Review



The first Malayalam release of 2017 had hit the screens here in Kerala today and it is the socio-political drama named Kaadu Pokkunna Neram written and directed by popular film maker Dr. Biju. Weekend Blockbusters owned by Sophia Paul had bankrolled this movie which has been premiered last year September in Montreal International Film Festival. Due to the theater strike that hit the industry last month, this movie had released here only in limited number of screens. Popular artists Indrajith Sukumaran and Rima Kallingal plays the lead characters in this movie.

The movie revolves around the life of a policeman who comes in to a forest in search of the leader of a radical organization and it is a woman as well. Indrajith plays that policeman and Rima Kallingal plays that woman. Along with this, the movie tells us about the life and suffering of tribal people from the hands of those who are in power and it shows how they survives or struggles to survive in the woods bearing the ignoring of the authorities.

Dr. Biju had once again successful in telling a story that has social relevance in it and his screenplay for this movie was very good. As a writer and director he had dine full justice to the theme which he intended to present before us. He presented the social and political issues that is going on in our society in connection with the life of tribal people. It was very much realistic and intense as well. He told it with all sincerity and that honesty made the audience to feel the movie along with watching it on screen.

The performance of Indrajith as the Policeman was superb and may be his best after the character he played in Left Right Left few years back. Rima Kallingal once again given a sterling performance and whenever she has been given bold characters, she made it look great with her natural and intense acting. Other characters are played by Prakash Bare, Indrans, Irshad etc and all of them done very well as well.

MJ Radhakrishnan cranked the camera for this flick and as usual he was just terrific with his realistic frames. Music from Santhosh Chandran was good and the editing from Karthik Jogesh was also up to the mark.

As a whole, Kaadu Pookkunna Neram is a class movie which will serve as an eye opener for all of us. It is not just a movie but something that presents the life in its purest form as well.