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Aamir Khan’s Dangal Hindi Movie Review



Aamir Khan’s Dangal Hindi Movie Review

Dangal is the major release that hit the screens here today and this Aamir Khan starrer Bollywood sports-emotional drama has been directed by Nitesh Tiwari. This movie, which is based on a real life character and real life incidents is written by Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Meharotra. The film was produced by Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao and Sidharth Roy Kapoor together under the banners of Aamir Khan Productions, UTV Motion Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures had distributed the movie all over the world in 5300+ screens. In Kerala, the film released in 90 screens and it had generated great hype and anticipation level right from the beginning of its filming. The reason for that is one name and that is Aamir Khan, who never fails to give us stunning cinematic experiences.
The plot of this movie revolves around Mahavir Phogat, the Wrestler from Haryana and his dream was to win a Gold Medal for India. But he is unable to do it. Then he hopes that, when he have a son, he will make him win Gold Medal for India in Wrestling. But much to his disappointment, his wife gives birth to daughters only. Even though he loved them dearly, he was a bit disappointed as he can’t be able to fulfill his dream without a son. But some interesting events happens in his life as he starts to believe that he can make his daughters to win gold for India and he starts training them to be champion wrestlers. The film shows how he makes his daughters named Geetha and Babita to become the champion wrestlers and how they make history.
We have to say that Nitesh Tiwary had done a fantabulous job as a director and co-writer of this movie. Dangal has been one of the best ever cinematic experience we can get in our life. Even though the story is known to all as it is a real life story, the way it was presented by portraying the emotions, struggles, hopes and dreams of Mahavir and his daughters was just stunning to say the very least. Dangal is not just a movie, but it is an inspiration for the women in India to go for glory for our country. Dangal can be called as the best ever sports Drama made in Indian Cinema History and it was that perfect. It has exciting moments, adrenalin pumping wrestling scenes, emotional scenes which touches the heart and it had done 100% justification to the real life characters and their life as well. It has humor, thrill and emotional flavor in it. At the same time it shows the obsession with Male child which is still prevalent in our society and also the faults in the sports administration in our country.
The performance of Amir Khan is the highlight of this flick and it was astonishing as well. The 51 year old actor was went through unbelievably hard physical transformation for this movie and the way he presented the older and younger Mahavir Phogat was just amazing. He was very natural in his performance and specially, in the emotional scenes he was just fabulous. Many honors are waiting in the wings for him for his performance in this movie. Fatima and Sanya who played his daughters can be called the finds of this year in Indian Cinema as both of them had given their flesh and blood to the characters they played. Others like Zaira, Suhani, Saakshi, Rohit, Vivan, Rajkumar Rao, Aparshakti Khurrana etc also did a great job in the movie.
DOP by Sethu Sriram has been brilliant throughout and the music from Pritam and lyrics from Amitabh Bhattacharya has been fantastic as well. Ballu Saluja had edited the flick and he had helped the movie to maintain a great pace till the very end.
In Total, Dangal is by far the best ever Sports-drama made here in Indian Cinema and it is one of the movies which you can’t miss. It is a stunning cinematic experience and you will be speechless and search for words to express the feeling which you had while you are watching this movie. Never miss it..!