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Lipstick, a Malayalam Short Film that is making history.



Lipstick, a Malayalam Short Film that is making history.

Short Film industry is going forward now-a-days with some superb creations and some short films just amazes us with its making style and with the bold themes they chooses to tell us. We had seen many such short films in Malayalam as well and now a Short film named Lipstick is making new history in Malayalam Short Film industry. It is remaking to different languages and it had already won many awards in prestigious International Film festivals as well. This experimental short film has been directed by Khais Millen in 2014, who had directed the movie named Aakshavani in 2016 with Vijay Babu and Kavya Madhavan in the lead.

This Short Film portrays the life of a young man who had been sexually used by one of his childhood friend when he was only 8 year old. It had transformed his life in a big way as he had become addicted to his friend and also to what he had did to him on that day.  Then we saw some turns in the plot when this man finds his real identity in the society. Khais Millen had written this short film as well and it has been produced by Soji Khais Millen. Even though it has been shown in many international Film festivals and won lots of awards, it was not released in YouTube till this December 7th.  Now, it is released in YouTube and getting great response from all over as well.