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Marupadi Movie Review



Marupadi Movie Review  Marupadi is the major release that hit the screens here in Kerala today and it was movie directed by popular director VM Vinu. The screenplay of this flick was written by Juliana Asharaf and it was produced by Asharaf Bedi under the banner of Bedi Motion pictures. Popular actor Rahman, Bhama, Baby Nayan Thara etc played the lead roles in this movie, which has been made taking inspiration from a real life incident that happened in North India reportedly.This movie narrates the story of a family which is hunted by law continuously. The central characters in this movie is, Aby, Sara and Riya. Riya is the daughter of Aby and Sara and they are leading a happy life. Aby is a bank employee who married Sara, who is an orphan, after a love affair with her. When Aby gets transfer to Kolkata, they moves to there and some unexpected tragedies awaits him there. This flick shows us how they cop up with those tragedies and how they come out of it.

We can say that after a lean patch, director VM Vinu had made a great comeback through this movie. The experience of a seasoned director was evident in each and every frame in this movie and the intensity with which VM Vinu had presented the plot was just superb indeed. VM Vinu always shows great skill while dealing with emotionally intense stories and Marupadi is one such movie in which he can show his mastery over the subject. The screenplay was intense and emotionally deep. VM Vinu had presented it in a brilliant manner keeping the audience glued to their seat till the very end. He made the movie an emotional thriller and narrated without making the audience yawn inside the cinema hall. The situations in the plot were realistic and convincing as well.

The performance from Rahman is just fabulous as he also made a terrific comeback after the superb character he played in Mumbai Police few years back. He was natural and very much convincing as Aby, the man who was trying to protect his family. Bhama and Baby Nayan Thara too did a terrific job as they just nailed it in the emotional scenes specially. Artists like Santhosh Keezhattoor, Tessa, Janardhanan, Anu Sithara, Sudip Mukharjee etc also done a very good job in the movie by doing justice to their characters.Venugopal had done a great job as the DOP of this flick as his frames provided the right atmosphere to make the movie emotionally appealing. The music by M Jayachandran was also very good to maintain the intensity of the plot till the very end. Mithun K R Edited the flick and he too did a fine job proving a smooth flow for the narration with his cuts.In Total, Marupadi is very good movie which will give you an intense emotional ride with thrilling elements. It will touch your heart and will make you feel the pain if you love your family.