Kuttikalund Sookshikuka Movie Review


Kuttikalund Sookshikuka Movie Review : Kuttikalund Sookshikuka is one among the Malayalam releases that hit the screens here in Kerala last day and it was the directorial venture of popular writer Kalavoor Ravi Kumar. He had written the movie as well and the lead characters in this movie has been played by Anoop Menon, Bhavana,Anu Mol, Master Sanoop Santhosh and Sidharth Ajith. This movie has been produced by Mohanan G under the banner M Star Satellite Communications and distributed by AJ Films. The film is for children mainly as the plot gives importance to two characters played by Master Sanoop and Sidharth.

The plot of the movie revolves around the characters named Niranjan and Neeraj played by Sanoop and Sidharth. Their father character played by Anoop Menon was a commando and lost his life during the Mumbai terror attack. The children and their mother played by Bhavana lives in grief. The story takes a turn when the terrorist who killed Anoop Menon’s character comes in front his children and the film shows what the children do to take revenge against the one who killed their father.

Kalavoor Ravi Kumar had written movieslike Nammal, which was a box office hit and he know how to please the audience with simple movies. But this time he had presented a thrilling movie giving importance to children and he became successful in delivering a clean entertainer for children and family audience. The screenplay was decent and the director in him made it look better. He had presented the whole plot in a really entertaining manner with lots of thrilling moments. Even though some situations in the plot is not easy to digest, he somehow made it look convincing. The element of patriotism has been used well in the flick and the narration was smooth as well.The performance from Sanoop and Sidharth was the highlight of the flick and we have to say that these two kids had done a great job in the movie. They were so energetic and cool in their portrayal of Neeraj and Niranjan. Bhavana,Anoop Menon and Anu Mol also done their part to perfection with other artists like , Makarand Deshpande etc.The DOP from P Sukumar was good and provided some fresh frames for the flick. Music was scored by Bijipal and it was nice as well. Dileep Dennis had edited the movie and he had done a commendable job with his cuts too.

As a whole, Kuttikalund Sookshikuka is a very good entertainer for family and children. It will make you laugh and thrill at the same time and will not be a let -down if the child inside your heart is still alive.