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Saithan Tamil Movie Review



Saithan is the major movie from Kollywood which had hit the screens here today. It is a Psychological horror thriller kind of movie which has been written and directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy. Popular actor Vijay Antony had produced it and he played the lead in this movie as well. Pradeep Krishnamoorthy, Joe D Cruz and Karthik Krishna together written this movie based on the novel written by Late writer Sujatha Rangarajan, titled as Aah. This film was bankrolled by Fathima Vijay Antony under the banner of Vijay Antony productions and it had created great hype before its release as well.

The plot of the movie revolves around the character named Dinesh played by Vijay Antony. He is a Software professional. The story tells us about his search for a girl named Jayalakshmi as he struggles between his past life and reality. The flick opens with Dinesh seeing a hypnotherapist and his confession about killing a friend.

We can say that director Pradeep had successful is making a very good psychological thriller. He had created a scary ambience while showing the title credits of the movie itself. He had presented the plot which revolves around schizophrenia is a novel way and it was really helped the movie. The way in which he narrated the events going to past and then coming present was great and also succeeded in ending the first half with a superb turn. Screenplay is nice and the director had made it an engaging one as well. He had created an emotional flash back and it was very convincing as well. The use of artists also needs to be appreciated.

The performance from Vijay Antony was the highlight of the movie and he had given a terrific performance as Dinesh. He was very much convincing and looked intense. Arundhathi Nair, who was seen in multiple avatars as Devagi, Ishwarya and Jayalakshmi had given a superb performance as well. Artists like Charuhasan, Meera Krishna, YG Mahendra, Sidharth Shankar, Kamal Krishna etc also done a very good job.

DOP by Pradeep Kalipurayathu was very good and his frames had set the tone of the movie. The music from Vijay Antony also stood out as it had created the required ambience for the flick. Veera Senthil Raj had edited the flick and he was crisp and sharp with his cuts.

In Total, Saithan is a very good Psychological thriller, which will be a fresh Cinematic experience for you all. It will worth a watch and will give you some moments which you will not forget for some time.