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Campus Diary Movie Review



Campus Diary Movie Review Campus Diary is the Malayalam movie that hit the screens here today and it was a movie directed by a debutant named Jeevan Das. The screenplay of this movie has been written by Vinish Palayad and it has been produced by C. K. Sarasappan and Ajay Aalakkandi under the banner of Drishya Arts Club. State award winning actor Sudev Nair is playing the lead in this movie which had got attention from the fact that popular politician in Kerala, VS Achuthanandan is acting in this movie as well. It is a political drama in which VS Achuthanandan is coming as himself in it.

The plot of the flick has been revolving around the character named Nikhil, played by Sudev Nair. Nikhil joins a college for his post-graduation studies. He is a young man with revolutionary and modern mind set and he wants to bring about a new change in the society. As a part of one of campaign s with National Service Scheme, he happens to visit a village with his friends. There happens interesting events which causes certain changes in his life and the flick tells us about what really happens there and how it affects his life.

Even though a debutant, Jeevan Das had become succeeded in giving a decent movie and that too a well-made political drama. We did not get to see political dramas very often in Malayalam. In fact we only had a very few such films which worth a watch. From now on, this movie Campus Diary will be one among those worth watching political dramas made in Malayalam. The screenplay was nice and it has a quality in it while dealing with the socio-political issues we have now. It also focused on how the minds of a youngster works in the light of the system in which we are in. The director had presented it neatly and he was successful in maintaining decent pace for the narration as well. He was in control all the time and never went too complex while dealing with subject which involved politics.

Sudev Nair who had won the state award, once again given a great performance. As Nikhil, he was very natural and composed. His body language was very good and at the same time he had brought in the intensity which was needed in the performance as well. VS Achuthanandan’s cameo had got great applause from the audience and that shows how popular he is among the common people. Artists like Gauthami Nair, RJ Mathukutty, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Joy Mathew, Sunil Sukhada, Renji Panicker, Kottayam Nazeer, Mamukkoya, S. P. Sreekumar, Thalaivasal Vijay, Lakshmi Priya and Sreevidya Nair also done a great job in the movie by playing their characters very well.DOP from Premanand was very good and music scored by Bijipal also maintained a decent quality.In Total, Campus Diary is a decent entertainer with a quality content in it. It is a small movie, but had said something big and it will not let you down if you choose this one for a watch.