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Top Hollywood celebrities who took sides with the winner Trump.



Top Hollywood celebrities who took sides with the winner Trump.

Now that Donald Trump has shaken all the pockets of the US society and crowned in the neck-to-neck battle for the presidency with Hilary Clinton. The election campaign for both the candidates were star studded and there was more glitter to Trump’s meetings, thanks to the close connections of the millionaire businessman with Hollywood.As a real estate mogul and a former TV star and producer, Trump made loyalists in the inner circles of Hollywood than the forbearing Hilary Clinton. According to reports, around 200 Hollywood conservatives publicly supported Trump in the campaign. Prominent figures like Actor Jon Voight, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Stephen Baldwin, and Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson voiced their support for Trump.

There are a lot of other celebrities who silently supported Trump, but don’t want to disclose their support publicly. Robert Davi, best known for his roles in Die Hard, License to Kill, Goonies and The Expendables 3, said, “”They paint Trump and his supporters as racist and uneducated. Some will not openly come out and say they support him because they’re afraid of being falsely labeled by some here in Hollywood.”Trump’s wooing Hollywood gathered momentum with the speech at the lavish Luxe Sunset Blvd, a Hotel in Brentwood. At that event, he told the media confidently that his support among celebrities and entertainment workers was stronger than outsiders realize. “I think the liberals in Hollywood support me behind my back,” he revealed.