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Meen Kuzhampum Mann Paanaiyum Movie Review



Meen Kuzhampum Mann Paanaiyum Movie Review : Meen Kuzhampum Mann Paanaiyum is the latest release in Kerala today which is the debut film of Kalidas Jayaram, the son of popular Actor Jayaram. This Kollywood flick is written and directed by Amudeshwar and it has been produced by Dushyanth Ram Kumar. This is a Fantasy comedy movie in which Prabhu, Urvashi, Pooja Kumar, Ashna Zaveri etc also playing important characters. Adding to that, Ulaga Nayakan Kamala Hasan had made a guest appearance in this movie as well. The plot of the movie revolves around the characters named Annamalai and Karthik, played by Prabhu and Kalidas Jayaram. Annamalai is running a restaurant named Meen Kuzhampum Man Paanaiyum in Malaysia, which is famous for its Fish Curry. Karthik is his son, a college boy who leads carefree life. Karthik is too busy in his individual matters that he had no time to spend with his father and Annamalai is very sad due to that. Things were going that way and then they happen to meet a sage, who turns the life of father and son upside down with a magic act. We can say that Amudeshwar had succeeded in giving a fun filled entertainer. Even though the basic theme not a new one, he had presented it in a fresh manner including fantasy elements in the plot. The screenplay by him was decent and it has all elements in it to make the audience entertained till the very end. While making it a fun filled entertainer, he also succeeded in touching the heart of the audience through emotional moments as well. Kalidas Jayaram had made an impressive debut as a hero.

His performance as Karthik who is a carefree guy seems effortless and cool. At the same time he become successful in handling the emotional scenes too. Performance of Prabhu has been fabulous as he really given his flesh and blood to Annamalai and in emotional scenes, he was just amazing. Ashna Zaveri played Pavithra and Pooja Mumar played Mala. Both of them did a good job. Popular actress Urvashi who played the mother character of Pavithra also did a great job. Kamala Hasan’s cameo was very good as well as it provided a punch for those situations in which he appeared. Lakshman provided colorful visuals for the movie and it helped the movie a lot. D Imman’s music was decent and Richard Kevin did a fine job as well as an editor. In Total, Meen Kuzhampum Mann Paanayum is a complete fun movie which will be relaxing experience for you if you are fun loving person. It will never disappoint you for sure.