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Shivaay Movie Review



Shivaay Movie Review:Shivaay, a mountaineering exercise with nothing at the topAjay Devgan’s second directorial venture, Shivaay deceives the breath taking trailer with a single shot, drag. The movie scales the heights and across borders in the name of love and family, leaves nothing but emptiness, after three hours long sighs, twists and turns in your seats.  All we can see a despairing Ajay Devgan, who struggles hardly to pull all the threads, of a father, a husband, a super hero, an adventurer, a director, and a producer, together.The movie is about Shivaay, played by Ajay himself, a cool guy who lives in the Himalayas and runs trekking expeditions. He bears three tattoos, Shiv’s face on his chest and the naag on his bulging biceps and a huge trishul on his back. The lonely Shivaay has an eight year old blonde daughter as his only company. Slowly the movie reveals a story of love betrayed and his Bulgarian love interest, played by Polish actor Erika Kaar, who abandoned him and his daughter under mysterious circumstances.

The movie shift its action in the second half in Bulgaria and a subplot involving cold blooded and masked child trafficking villains. And, some breathtaking car chases, cops, lawyers, and elaborate action sequences follow, only to wind up the movie without any proper connections. The only relief in the movie is actor Sayyeshaa Saigal who joins the narrative in the halfway, but she is helpless to lend a hand to save the movie from an inevitable crackup.Shivaay belongs to cinematographer Aseem Bajaj for his exotic and breathtaking visual tour of the Himalayan and Bulgarian landscapes. The “Bolo Har Har Har” chant and darkhaasth song are bonus points from musical department. Action choreography meets Hollywood standards and Ajay Devgan does his best in punches and car chases. If you don’t mind being dragged along to the top of a mountain and only to see nothing at the top, Shivaay may work for you.