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Kaashmora Movie Review



Kaashmora Movie Review:Kaashmora, A Spectacle Woven with Loose ThreadsThe first and foremost thing about Kaashmora, Karthi’s latest Kollywood raid, is that the confusion pertained after watching the trailer reappear, at the same size and degree, after watching the movie. Despite boasting some of the best visual effects and art direction Kollywood has witnessed in recent times, the plot is woven together with loose threads and the movie stumble to find firm ground. Moreover, the movie solely belongs to Karthi, which worked both in positive and negative ways with the audience.

Kaashmora is all about a fantasy, in which the different worlds of Raj Nayak, an ancient king’s loyal body guard and Kaashmora, a hoodwinker in the present, mixed up. Both the roles are played by Karthi and the movie deals with the after effects when both the worlds mix up in a weird manner. Both Raj Nayak and Kaashmora have their scores to settle and emotional debts to meet. How they cope up with these demands is the rest of the story.The movie is reined by Karthi from the beginning to the climax and all other characters get minimal screen space. This decision indeed turns out to be wise because Karthi steals the show with a performance of a lifetime. He enacts the multi dimension and complex mindscapes of both the men from two different time lines. He plays villainy as Raj Nayak and effortlessly switches as a joker for Kaashmora.

But, over indulgence of Karthi’s characters marred other characters, including a gorgeous Nayanthara. She hardly enjoys less than 30 minutes of screen time and lured the viewers with her stunning appearance and grandeur. Vivek and Muruganantham get considerable one liner and scenes and they manage themselves protected amidst Karthi’s one man show.Director Gokul deserves a special mention for the fantasy world he has created. But, the movie stands on a weak platform and the plot is woven together with weak threads. Besides the spectacular visual effects sequences, the story doesn’t make much sense and the only revelation is Santhosh Narayanan’s emotive and powerful score. Kaashmora will work for those who enjoy moments of humor, grandeur and visual effects, and don’t bother about the plot as a whole.