Samsung announces alternative phones for Galaxy Note 7 to the Indian customers


Samsung announces alternative phones for Galaxy Note 7 to the Indian customers

Samsung is going through a rough patch after the company was forced to withdraw much endorsed Galaxy Note 7 because of its vulnerability to fire. The company is in damage control mode as the Samsung users are extremely disappointed with the entire situation. Samsung has announced that the company will provide the Indian customers who have pre ordered for the Galaxy Note 7 with the alternative phones, including Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

The company is well aware of the fact that exchanging phones is not enough to pacify the users. So, the company has come up with numerous lucrative offers for the users. The company has proffered a free set of its virtual reality headsets to the affected customers. The other offers include a free pair of wireless headphones and a voucher of $50.  The company also has offered a free one-time screen replacement if the new smart phone suffers damage within the time span of year.

Galaxy Note 7 was originally slated to go on sale in India in September. However, the company had to postpone the release date after Note 7’s extreme vulnerability to fire was brought to light.  The company made a desperate attempt to rectify the issues but could not fix the problems. The Indian customers were worried after Samsung decided to withdraw Note 7 completely and demanded an answer from the company. The company responded by apologising for the delay and assured the users that they will make amends for the inconvenience caused due to the delay. Samsung is now trying to set things right by offering alternative phones to the Indian users who have pre booked for Galaxy Note 7.