Tips to take care of your laptop


Tips to take care of your laptop

Laptop cleanliness:

Keep liquids away from your computer: If fell on the laptop, liquids can damage internal components as well as the keyboard.
Keep food away from your computer: Food particles attract small bugs, damage circuitry and make the laptop look dirty.
Have clean hands: Have clean hands while handling the laptop.
Use an old clean toothbrush to clean parts of your computer: Clean around the keys on the keyboard, exhaust fans and around the bezel of the screen using a clean tooth brush will help promote airflow.

LCD Monitor:

Prevent damage to the monitor: Make sure that there are no particles on your keyboard when you are shutting the lid.  
Hold your laptop by the base: Do not lift the laptop by it’s display. Hold it by the base. .
Be aware of what you put on top of the laptop: Do not place heavy objects on your laptop.



Do not expose your laptop to rapid temperature changes: Large temperature changes can cause major damage to your laptop.

Do not leave your laptop in your car: If you leave your laptop in the car, the severe heat that may build up inside it will cause damage will expose.

Use a laptop bag: Laptop bags is a protection to your laptop as it reduces the chance of accidental drops or bumps to the laptop.

Use a laptop bag that fits: If your laptop bag is of suitable size, it can act as a good protection to your laptop. Also, you will be able to accommodate the laptop accessories.


Power Conservation: If you are not using your laptop for more than two hours, shut it down.
Battery Maintenance: Never leave your laptop on charging after it is fully charged as it will reduce the overall lifetime of the battery.