Top power banks with over 10000mAh battery under Rs 1500


Top power banks with over 10000mAh battery under Rs 1500

For those who depend much on mobile phones, the introduction of power banks has emerged as lifesavers. Of course, this is the savior for you when the phone runs out of battery, but what if the same lifeguards are running low on battery. In order to avoid such kind of situations, it’s better to have a power bank with a good backup. Here, we have compiled a list of good power banks with a battery capacity of a minimum of 10000 mAh..

  1. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (10400 mAh)

Xiaomi has created a new power bank battleground for players in India with the introduction of its Xiaomi Mi Power Bank. Xiaomi, by raising the design as well as performance benchmark and at the same time bringing its cost down, has created a new wave in the power Bank industry in India.

Price: Rs 999

  1. Asus ZenPower (10050 mAh)

Asus ZenPower was launched in India on April. This new power bank introduced by the famous Asus company is lighter and smaller than the Mi Power Bank.

Price: Rs 1,499

  1. OnePlus Power Bank (10000 mAh)

OnePlus¬†launched its 10000 mAh power bank in India which has dual USB ports that enables two electronic devices to be connected and charged simultaneously. This feature makes OnePlus Power Bank stands apart from Asus’ and Xiaomi’s power banks. It is available in two colours – Silk White and Sandstone Black.

Price: Rs 1,399

  1. Huawei Honor AP007 (13000 mAh)

This power bank is more powerful than most of the other power banks. This power bank is available in grey. Same as OnePlus, this one also has dual USB ports. This power bank, when fully charged can iPhone 6 four times.

Price: Rs 1,399

  1. PNY BE-740 (10400 mAh)

This power bank has got a cylindrical design. This one has a Lithium-ion battery with a charge capacity of 10400 mAh. Some added features of this power bank is the built-in LED torch and a power level indicator that indicates the amount of charge remaining in the power bank.

Price: Between Rs 1,100 and Rs 1,450