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Make your selfies look even more amazing



Make your selfies look even more amazing

Are you a crazy selfie-lover? Do you like to pose and click yourself verytime you see an amazing background or when you dress up well? You try the crazy expressions, the sensual pouts, those smiley faces etc. from different angles. It means you enjoy taking pictures of yourself! So, here we give you some handy tips to make your clicks look even more amazing.

  1. Avoid those distracting patterns like stripes and zig-zags, that might steal the attention from your face.

Since the aim of your selfie is to highlight your face and expressions instead of your attire, never wear distracting patterns. Instead, choose solid colors.

  1. Always try to find the spot with the best lighting.

Always look for the best lighting. The better the lighting, the more beautiful will be the photo.

  1. Pick your selfies in a spectacular backgrounds for a better effect.

If you were not able to find a good background, just keep it plain.

  1. Click from an angle above your face level.

Take the photos from an angle above your face level so as to eliminate double-chin from the frame .

  1. Pose with something crazy and unique that would make people curious.

Try some interesting pose so as to make people interested to have a second look on your photo.

  1. Tilt your head to some angle so that you can show off the better side of your face.

This technique will help to highlight your best features and make you look totally amazing.

  1. Have a handy and reliable selfie stick.

This will help you to have the best photos without searching for a photographer.

  1. Use the timer on your phone, so that you can pose for any number of pictures.

Adjust the timer on your phone and have a few poses ready so that you can take your multiple photos in numerous poses.