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Few things you do when you are Into A Relationship



Few things you do when you are Into A Relationship

  1. High Cell phone bills and no sleep.
    You both will be staying awake late every night talking on the phone about anything and everything. So, the result is you are not getting enough sleep at night and you will have a huge mobile bill to pay at the end of every month.
  2. Smiling for no reason.
    How many times have your friends caught you for smiling while sitting alone? And you say that you just thought about a funny joke. But don’t deny, the truth is you have just thought about him or the moments you both had spend together, but you are just shy to accept that. Don’t deny it, you do this. And everytime you are caught smiling like a fool while staring
  3. Wanting to be together…Always.
    Every couple wants to spend time all your time in their partner’s company. And especially for new couples, they will found it very difficult to say goodbye after a meeting.  
  4. Day dreaming.
    Just think, how many times had your boss or teacher scream at you because you missed something really silly at work or college? And this was just because you were dreaming about your someone special even while engaged in your work.

    5. PDA – public display of affection
    Not showing affection or not holding hands even in public is really hard! You won’t care about what others will think of you even when you’re walking down a crowded street. You will just want to be close to him or hold his hand.
  5. Your music playlist sees a drastic change.
    You will start listening to only romantic songs. 

    7. Making future plans together.
    You both will start to have a lot of plans on your future together. You will start dreaming and planning about how your wedding will be.