Oozham Movie Review


Oozham Movie Review

Oozham is one of the major releases that hit the screens in Kerala today. This revenge thriller is directed by Master Director Jeethu Joseph and he had scripted film by himself as well. Young Super Star of Mollywood Prithvi Raj Sukumaran is playing the lead role in it and the film is produced by C George and Anto Padijarekkara under the banner of Fine Tune Pictures. The trailer and song video from the film had got great reception from the audience and it is one of the most hyped movie in the career of Prithvi Raj and Jeethu Joseph as well.

The plot of the movie revolves around the incidents happens in the family of a guy named Surya Krishnamoorthy played by Prithvi Raj. Surya is working in an American based IT Company and his family is settled at Coimbatore. Some incidents that took place in his family had really changes the course of his life and to take revenge against ones that caused it become inevitable for him. The film tells us about that revenge by Surya and the ones who affected by the event that changed their life.

We can say that Jeethu Joseph had once again become successful in delivering an edge of the seat thriller. This movie Oozham is a revenge drama and there is not much suspense in the film. But the highlight of this movie is the way they narrated the plot. Jeethu Joseph had already told about it before the release of the movie. They had set the revenge plot in such way that the audience follows each and every character with the curiosity that what will they do next and will they succeed or not. The film goes forward in a decent pace and never gives a dull moment for the viewer. The screenplay is the highlight of the movie and Jeethu Joseph had made it look very simple. The use of artists also stands out in this movie and specially, the Tamil background in the plot had really helped the movie to set a different atmosphere.

Performance of Prithvi Raj Sukumaran as Surya become the backbone of this flick. He had once again given a really controlled, matured yet aggressive performance and really carried the emotional turmoil of the character to the heart of the audience. Neeraj Madhav also given one of his best performance till date and it may become a turning point in his career as well. Artists like Balachandra Menon, Divya Pillai, Rasna. Pashupathy, Jayaprakash, Kishore etc had given great performance as well in the movie.

The DOP of the film was done by Shamdat Sainudheen and his frames were really great. Some shots which had given aerial view were terrific and it really set the tone of the movie. Music by Anil Johnson was decent and background scoring was very good as well. Ayoob Khan’s Editing also made the movie to move fast.

In Total, Oozham is a very good thriller that came out from Prithvi Raj- Jeethu Joseph team. It will make you thrill right from the start and along with that, entertains you as well.