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Lack of sleep can lead to suicidal tendencies, studies said.



Lack of sleep can lead to suicidal tendencies, studies said.

Are you someone who gets sound sleep at night? Or are you troubling with staying awake all the night time? A recent study has found out that there is a correlation between disruptive sleep and suicidal tendencies. As per the study, staying awake at night or lack of enough sleep may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and attempts. According to the study, the researchers have identified that there is a link between sleep problems, suicidal thoughts and changes in behaviours. In this study, a total of 18 participants were interviewed to know about the role sleep problems on suicidal tendencies.

The following are the conclusions that are drawn out of the study.

The study identified that being awake late at night increased the chances of suicidal thoughts and attempts which can be seen as a result of the lack of any help available at night.

The research also found that failure to achieve a good sleep over a long period of time can make the life of people harder which may result in negative thinking as well as depression. Some respondents who took part in the study said that a good sleep provides them an escape from their problems and is an alternative to suicide.

However, the attempt to use sleep as an avoidance tactic may lead to increased day time sleeping which will lead to disturbed sleeping patterns which will again affect your sleep at night.

So, as per the study, those who are able to have a sound and enough sleep during night are found to live long, happier and tension free. Donna Littlewood, researcher at the University of Manchester have suggested that providing night time service provision should be given due importance in suicide prevention strategies as this study shows that those who are awake in the night are at an increased risk of suicide.