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Epic reply by Asif Ali to those who criticized Him



Epic reply by Asif Ali to those who criticized him..

Actor Asif Ali was abused and criticized by some people in Social Media few days back and that too in the name of religion. It happened when he posted a photo of his wife Sama in which she posed with him and their son Adam. The ones who abused and criticized him said that in this Ramzan month, his wife should have been covered her face with a veil or Parda before posting her photo in social media. They said that Asif Ali’s action was just like inviting others to enjoy his wife’s beauty. According to them she had committed a sin in terms of religious beliefs and Asif Ali had encouraged it. Critics said that his action is unacceptable and the beauty of wife is only to be enjoyed by her husband and it is not for the public. But Asif ali had given an epic reply to those criticisms through his Facebook page.

He had posted 5 more photos of his wife in his Facebook page, in which she is seen in her normal clothes without any Parda or veil. It was indeed a strong statement against those who criticized him and he indirectly stated that he don’t care about what they says. People like Ashiq Abu had shared his posts and many people from social Media as well had come out supporting Asif.